On Campus

Hope Proxe. Students can invite their peers to learn about Jesus reconciling power through various proxe stations, particularly the Hope Proxe, which students learn about at Spring Break CUP.


Start Something New!¬†Whether you want to start a social justice Bible study, missional group among athletes, a network of dorm bible studies, a spiritual forum for Arts students, or any other creative mission on campus, Start Something New is a great guide to help you get started. This practical handbook offers bible studies, journals, strategic steps, and expert advice to walk you through the entire process of launching a missional group on campus. Grab a couple friends and follow the guide together–it’s great to have partners in your new ministry!

Thy Kingdom Come, On Campus

Check out how students have stepped into the issues on campuses around the country.

Empowerment Through Jesus at UC San Diego

Brent Campbell shows unimaginable grace and love in the face of racial hatred.

The Hope Proxe in Action

Taking a Risk to Love

Good Reads

Faith-Rooted Organizing by Alexia Salvatierra

Go and Do by Don Everts

God on Campus by Trent Sheppard

Loving Justice by Bob and Carol Hunter

Disunity in Christ by Christina Cleveland

IV Blog – Justice