“I gained a holistic understanding of what healthcare is like especially in the under served community. I was able to shadow nurses throughout the clinic in almost every department I wanted once a week and my friend who was pre med was able to shadow physicians. I spent a lot of time doing projects with the development department (fundraising, grant researching mostly). Then also once a week, we met with our supervisor to talk about healthcare and etc (ie how will the new Obamacare affect us, how do we practice faith and healthcare etc). But outside of LCHC, I think most of my experiences stemmed from living in the neighborhood and my experiences with intervarsity. I learned a lot about myself and racial reconciliation and best part is, I was able to gain a better understanding of what that looks like for me in healthcare. If you know, healthcare is moving in a direction of developing culturally competent care among health professionals and summer cup really helped me put that into perspective which I thought was something very valuable.”
–Summer CUP alumni, Lawndale Health Clinic Team

“We’ve actually had a reunion at a restaurant in Austin which has some of the best soul food in Chicago (seriously, famous people go there to eat). Do you want to be challenged to grow in your faith? Not just your personal faith, but your faith as a member of the body of Christ that spans across the globe and comes in many shapes and sizes of people. Do you want to have your mind blown by how incredible G-d is and see the beautiful things that can be done through people who really walk out their faith being the hands and feet of Jesus?”
-Shimer College Summer CUP alumni, Austin team

“I went to Summer CUP with high expectations to grow in my understanding of ethnicity, justice, and poverty – as most students probably do. And I did learn a great deal about those things and about myself relative to them. I grew a deeper consciousness of my own brokenness in racial stereotyping, was struck by how passionately and fiercely God cared about justice being carried out (especially by His own people), and gained an appreciation for the simultaneous sorrow and hope within the city of Chicago. As the program ended and I had to leave the city, I felt better prepared and passionate about seeing my IV fellowship become one which was healthily multi-ethnic and which took seriously the call to bring about justice. The ways I was transformed and equipped, but especially the prayers I lifted up to God throughout the summer on behalf of our fellowship, had visible impact. My dorm’s community grew tremendously in African-American representation. And our small group leaders latched on to multi-ethnic vision – each doing at least one cross-cultural discipleship.

However, I think the deepest impact CUP had on me in my return to campus was through the spiritual discipline of community and being part of my site team. As I went through the next fall semester coordinating ministry in my dorm and leading a team of small group leaders there, I continually referred back to things I learned while at CUP. There were multiple instances where I was vastly better equipped for leading my team through conflict because of the plentiful time spent in conflict resolution at CUP. I was able to see and address many things that affected the functioning of our team such as self-protection, trust, competition, and judgment because I had had my eyes opened through my team at CUP.

The journey of living, working, eating, doing devotions, and having fun all as part of a team for 7 weeks had more impact on my ability to lead than any other experience in my life. A summer spent at CUP is great for anyone, and it is especially one of the best experiences available to missional leaders and leader of leaders in a campus fellowship.”
-U of IL Summer CUP student – Lawndale Garden Team